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Tarnished Brash

I contributed to a long, nationwide investigation into police officers with serious misconduct records who became police chiefs during my summer internship at USA TODAY

I discovered the lead example of 32 examples that the investigation found. David Cimperman crashed his cruiser five times and had been fired for a felony and perjury, and left a personnel file strewn with other disciplinary violations. Then he became a police chief in a small Ohio town. 

Fired for a felony, again for perjury. Meet the new police chief.

David Cimperman’s journey from disgraced police officer to police chief is a surprisingly common one, a USA TODAY Network investigation found. Misconduct that might disqualify someone from being hired as a rookie cop hasn’t stopped officers from taking the top jobs at law enforcement agencies throughout the USA.

Has #MeToo changed our laws?

I used Python and an API to find an answer


#MeToo movement was a culture shock. But changing laws will take more than a year.

USA TODAY found that since #MeToo began, elected officials passed 261 laws that directly addressed topics championed by the movement, just a slight uptick from the 238 in the year prior.

What is wrong with Nebraska Football?

Data analysis in R

The Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska is the nation's second-worst team at converting yards into points

Nebraska scores one point for every 19.8 yards of offense. Michigan, for comparison, has needed just 11 yards for each point on the scoreboard.

Nebraska is one of seven states with no law against revenge porn

The Omaha World-Herald

Revenge porn, campaign blackmail victim speaks out for those who feel they can't

She said she consented to having a photo taken while in a relationship with a man. But she didn’t consent to its distribution — to her husband, herself or anyone else.